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Pro tiếnh English đâu giúp anh cái

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1code Pro tiếnh English đâu giúp anh cái on Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:49 pm

YoYo Krun

QL Nhân Sự
QL Nhân Sự
You nào very good English đâu giải quyết giúp anh cái bộ đề Toefl này cái :

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
1. He failed in the election just because he ___________ his opponent.
A. overestimated B. underestimated C. understated D. undercharged
2. They ________because it is a national holiday.
A. don’t work B. won’t work C. haven’t worked D. aren’t working
3. She’s finished the course, ____________?
A. isn’t she B. hasn’t she C. doesn’t she D. didn’t she
4. “Would you like a beer?” “ Not while I’m ___________”
A. in the act B. in order C. on duty D. under control
5. Some friends of mine are really fashion-conscious, while __________ are quite simple.
A. some other B. some others C. anothers D. the other
6. According to some historians, If Napoleon had not invaded Russia, he _________ the rest of the world.
A. had conquered B. would conquer C. would have conquered D. conquered
7. Is that the man _________ has been stolen?
A. the car of whom B. the car of his C. whose car D. the car of who
8. When someone answers the phone, you say, “ Can I _________Elsie, please?”
A. talk to B. say to C. tell D. speak to
9. “ How much do you earn, Mary?” “ I’d___________”
A. rather don’t say B. better not to say C. rather not say D. prefer not say
10. Captain Scott’s __________ to the South Pole was marked by disappointment and tragedy.
A. excursion B. visit C. tour D. expedition
11. The teacher made a difficult question, but at last, Joe __________ a good answer.
A. came up with B. came up to C. came up against D. came up for
12. There are a lot of __________ buildings in the centre of the city.
A. many – floored B. many story C. multi – storied D. multi – storey
13. “ Make yourself at home.” “ ______________”
A. Yes, can I help you B. Thanks. Same to you
C. Not at all. Don’t mention it D. That’ very kind. Thank you.
14. Olypiakos ________ 0 – 0 with Real Madrid in the first leg of the semi-final in Athens.
A. drew B. equalled C. equalised D. shared
15. The pop star _________ when the lights _________
A. sang – were going out B. was singing - went out
C. was singing – were going out D. sang – went out
16. It was not until she had arrived home ______ remembered her appointment with the doctor.
A. when she B. that she C. and she D. she
17. ________ a novelty in American retailing, fixed prices are now universal in sales.
A. It was once B. Once it was C. That once D. Once
18. Jane will have to repeat the course because her work has been __________
A. unpleasant B. unnecessary C. unusual D. unsatisfactory
19. I don’t know If _________ in my essay.
A. is there a mistake B. there a mistake is C. a mistake is there D. there is a mistake
20. _________ you ever ________ the U.S. before your trip in 2006?
A. Have – been B. Would – be C. Would – have been D. Had

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2code Re: Pro tiếnh English đâu giúp anh cái on Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:05 pm


Thành viên Bạc
Thành viên Bạc
haha pro quá...cái này tự điền mới hiểu

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